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Global HR Leadership Seminar to be launched to prepare HR professionals for global expansion

Hiring volume is set to increase around the globe, with the US looking at a 58% rise, according to LinkedIn Fourth annual Global Recruiting Trends report. In a globalized world, companies are expanding their operations to other countries or relocating talent across their networks. Among the countries with the highest hiring volume are Mexico (67%), China (50%), India (76%), UK (678%), South East Asia (62%) and Germany (61%). That's why global HR and talent management is one of the most urgent and important trends in the world.

Keeping this in mind, I'm holding the Global HR Leadership Seminar at the Hyatt Regency Reston from March 20-11, 2019. At the 3-day intensive seminar I will teach HR executives how to manage complex HR global issues, identify and execute global solutions, adapt to global and local labor trends, design jobs and asses talent for high performance in international enterprises and management capabilities to acquire, select, maintain and grow an international workforce, among other skills.

The reason? The scarcity of qualified global HR practitioners. I want to help HR professionals and companies wanting to capitalize on international growth. As a Senior Certified SHRM professional, and Adjunct Faculty member at Villanova University’s Graduate Program in Human Resources Development, with more than 20 years of experience in global HR management, I'm sure this program will help HR professionals to become a more valuable assets in their companies and will help companies to identify global solutions in compensation, performance reviews and employee development.

The course is designed for small groups as it's highly interactive. Participants will be provided with models and examples along with dozens of global cases and job aids that reinforce principles learned in order to save time and simplify execution. 

Register today and save $400 here:

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