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Program Description

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Early Bird Registration ends April 10, 2019
Washington DC Metro Area, 
April 25-26, 2019

Program Description

Global HR Leadership Seminar offers you a unique opportunity to master the tools to execute global HR professional strategies and management.

This program will examine both applied and theoretical perspectives the effect of national differences on the processes and systems associated with managing human resources across national boundaries (as in the case of multinational corporations.)


  • The opening topics look at diverse ways to conceptualize cross-national differences and challenges facing the management of multinational firms. Other topics include:

  • Diverse indigenous HRM frameworks in Asian, European and emerging economies

  • The selection, preparation, training and management of expatriates, host-country nationals and third-country nationals for international assignments 

  • Transferring HR management systems across cultural boundaries

  • Corporate social responsibility challenges. Participants are given the opportunity to work with case studies to enhance their skills in organizational analysis, problem solving and strategic thinking.

With the advent of globalization and new digital technologies, organizations—big or small—have ceased to be local and have become global! This shift has increased workforce diversity and deepened cultural sensitivities to unprecedented levels. Consequently, the need for strategic Global Human Resource leaders has become more urgent.

Why you should attend

Why You Should Attend?

  • Global HR and talent management is one of the most urgent and important trends for companies around the world. 

  • The scarcity of qualified global HR practitioners has become a major problem for many multinational companies wanting to capitalize on international growth.


  • This is a great investment in your career that will enable you to fill in the gap, as you gain confidence in the ability of global HR functions to screen, review and develop candidates for the most important posts across the globe. 


  • You will learn to develop an integrated global HR and talent operating model that allows for customizable local implementation, enabling you to capitalize on rapid business growth in emerging economies, tap into local skills, and optimize local talent strategies

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